Warning of Risk

Some sections of the website http://www.iperbaricoravenna.it/en/ might require you to fill your sensitive data (as they relate to health) to obtain information, medical visit booking confirmations and consultations that will be published online.

For this reason, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Privacy Authority for websites dedicated to health and published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic No. 42 of the 20th of February 2012, your attention is drawn to the following note which you must read prior to confirm to have taken vision of the “WARNING OF RISK”, whose specific purpose is to make the users aware of the risks associated with making themselves identifiable online with reference to their disease (the so-called sensitive data).


A data request is required in the following interactive sections:

  • Ask for a consultation. Dr. Pasquale Longobardi and the staff of the Hyperbaric Centre of Ravenna will reply to your request.
  • Tell your story
  • Ask for an appointment

During the registration to one of these sections of the website http://www.iperbaricoravenna.it/en/ you can decide to enter a nickname instead of your name and surname, which will allow you to remain anonymous and will not in any way identify you.

The contact details provided by the user during the registration to the website (email address, telephone number, mobile, skype, Facebook or Twitter) need to be true and functioning and shall allow the user’s traceability for the satisfaction of the needs expressed (consultations, visit reservation, etc.), but WILL NOT be published automatically on the website together with the user’s comments and requests.


The users are kindly required, in respect of their privacy and possible anonymity, to carefully assess the opportunity to enter in their consultation requests and in the comments that will be published the following data:

  • Personal data (name, surname, e-mail address, references to places, people or circumstances) that, even indirectly, allow to trace back to one’s identity.
  • Data or information that, even indirectly, can reveal the identity of third parties.
  • Photos or videos that allow to identify people without express consent.


It should be noted that the data (own or others) entered by the user in the way of description in the consultation requests, if published, will be accessible to each user of the website and indexed by the main search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.).

Pursuant to Italian Law 24/2017 of 8 March (the so-called “Legge Gelli”), it should be noted that the compensation for damage paid over the last five years amounts to 0 euros and that the Hyperbaric Centre, for both its offices of Ravenna and Bologna, is covered by the General Third Party Liability Insurance and the Employer’s Liability Insurance No. 999443203 of the Assicurazioni Generali S.p.a for a maximum per accident of: General Third Party Liability Insurance, single maximum coverage of 5,164,569.00 euros and Employer’s Liability Insurance, single maximum coverage of 774,686.00 euros.