The company Centro Iperbarico Srl was founded in 1989 as a division of RANA, an underwater works company founded in 1964 in Marina di Ravenna – to support the research and gas production that began in those years in the Ravenna offshore.

In 1989, using the technology of diving in saturation, the shareholders Franco Nanni, Faustolo Rambelli and Roberto Nanni built the hyperbaric centre in Ravenna. The project was enthusiastically received by the Local Health Unit: it was built in record time, and the Centre opened for business in August 1990.

Since the start, the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre has distinguished itself as a  facility of the highest order: it was the first Hyperbaric Centre in Emilia Romagna to integrate an emergency service / emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it foresaw the creation of an area to land helicopters for helicopter assistance, it took advantage of the best technologies and built up a staff of highly specialized medical staff.

The medical directorship was awarded soon afterwards to Dr. Pasquale Longobardi, who remains the chief practitioner at the facility and who has, over the years, helped making the Hyperbaric Centre the centre of excellence it is today, through his commitment to research and through his continuous updating in terms of training and medical technologies available.