Klarida Hoxha

Degree in Nursing at the University of Bologna


I was born on 7 August 1980. In 2010 I graduated in Nursing at the University of Bologna, in Faenza.

In 2012 I obtained my two-year first-level Master Degree in Wound Care in Turin and in 2014 the Master in Coordination and Management of Health Professions.

Just after the Graduation in Nursing, I started working at the Hyperbaric Centre of Ravenna, where I deal with hyperbaric chamber assistance and wound care at the Wound Care Centre. I really like working for pathways, assist patients and follow them until they heal.

I love learning, studying and keeping updated. Travelling is my main passion. I am fascinated by new worlds and cultures and I easily adapt wherever I am. I have the chance to travel a lot, both for work and training and I feel lucky to be able to combine the two things I like most: travel and work.

I also worked in diving worksites around the world and it has been a unique experience.

I think that continuing education is the key to success for each professional and personally I actively work to keep always updated, in order to provide the best professional service to all who need it.

Every year I take part in many diving and hyperbaric medicine and wound care congresses. I am a lecturer of several training courses and of the Master in Nurse specialized in Wound Care at the University of Pavia. I am a current member of the AIUC Directive Council (Italian Skin Ulcer Association) and member of the AIUC Provider Scientific Committee.