Dr Paola Mengozzi

Three-year degree in Sports Sciences at the University of Bologna and in 2006 Degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Ferrara


After the degree, I started working in the public sector at the Hospital of Ravenna and at the “Del Delta” Hospital in Lagosanto.

I have been collaborating with the Hyperbaric Centre of Ravenna since 2009, where I treat adult and children patients affected by neurological congenital and acquired diseases (children with Infantile Cerebral Palsy, people affected by multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, strokes outcomes, neurological accidents caused by decompression diving) and patients with orthopaedic problems in each body district. I also deal with lymph drainage and manual massages.

I like to follow the patient during his whole rehabilitation path, from the patient’s management in the acute phase until the medical outcomes, with a global approach. I always try to keep myself the most updated in the professional environment. I love sport: I practised athletics - 100 meters sprint discipline - at good levels. I also love travelling.

It is a real pleasure to work at the Hyperbaric Centre because each professional puts the patient at the heart of every clinical path. Moreover, we all share the same the same goal, which is to improve all our patients’ quality of life, both adults and children.