Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre

The Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre is a private health care facility, accredited by the National Health System, specializing in the care of patients treated by oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber.

In operation for over 20 years, within the medical scientific community it is considered to be a centre of reference and excellence for its achievements in patient care, research projects and for its training, which is implemented at the most authoritative universities and Italian medical associations.

Since 1989, the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre has been headed by Dr. Longobardi.

The management of emergencies is guaranteed 24 hours a day, all year round, thanks to its integration with the Emergency Department of  Ravenna Local Health Unit and the availability of a day airstrip for helicopter rescues.

The Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre has its own internal Wound Care Centre and in a few short years, it has become the regional and national reference point for the treatment of wounds that are refractory to closure using traditional treatments.


Hyperbaric Centre figures:

  • 110,000 euros – share capital
  • 2.3 million euros turnover
  • 17,000 HBOT performance (annual average)
  • 30,700 year – Wound Care treatments at the Wound Care Centre
  • 1,400 patients treated (annual average)
  • 61 employees and collaborators

Hyperbaric chambers
The Centre owns two hyperbaric chambers (one for up to 12 patients and the other for 14). This allows us to carry out up to 60-70 treatments every day, and 18 -20,000 treatments annually.

Inside the rooms, vital signs are monitored (temperature, humidity, pressure, oxygen percentage). Other gases, such as carbon dioxide, oils and CO can be monitored manually.

One of the rooms is designed for customizing treatments, and it allows the administration for small groups, mixtures of oxygen and pre-established nitrogen-oxygen-helium to be administered to small groups.


Outpatient clinics for appointments and medications
In 2011, the Hyperbaric Centre carried out major works to renew and expand the reception area for patients and outpatients. The new areas have been designed to be more welcoming, and to make appointments and patient care even more comfortable.

The areas for appointments and medications include:

  • outpatient surgery
  • three clinics for outpatient appointments
  • three surgeries for bandaging
  • a stretchers room
  • an observation room for patients undergoing intensive therapy
  • room with beds for patients coming from hospitals.



The structure of the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre, and the way its interior and exterior spaces are organized, are designed to ensure maximum accessibility: there are no barriers within the Centre.

The Centre has a large car park with over 50 spaces, and an area reserved for ambulances. There are reserved parking spaces for people with disabilities.