Nursing Care

Dressings, bandages and massages
In Italy, there are more than 2 million people with a problematic wound complication, i.e. injuries that fail to heal, sometimes for long periods. Decubitus ulcers, vascular ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, burns, and injuries from trauma are problems which, if they are underestimated and not addressed correctly, end up ruining lives, particularly of older people already weakened by diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular insufficiencies.

At the Wound Care Centre (CCFD), located within the Hyperbaric Centre, a team of doctors and nurses address the problem of chronic skin lesions through the use of cutting-edge techniques and medications, applying new treatments for the removal of dead and damaged tissue (debridement) and the reconstruction of new tissue (tissue bioengineering)

Appointments (treatments, medications and massage) can also be booked by private patients through the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre Secretary - phone. +39 0544 500152, email

Appointments Prices
Simple dressing (without bandaging) € 15.00
Complex dressing with bandaging € 30.00
Zinc paste bandage € 35.00
Elastic compression € 46.00
Instrumental wound cleaning using the  Sonoca tool € 100.00
Negative pressure wound therapy with disposable throwaways (duration 8 days) includes nursing care at any time of the day c/o the Centre + 2 dressings € 300.00
Negative pressure wound therapy devices with no disposable throwaways, include nursing care at any time of the day c/o the centre + dressings € 108.00
With Vodder lymphatic drainage (lasts 1 hour) € 55.00
Package of 10 sessions of lymphatic drainage using the Vodder method € 500.00
Pressure therapy € 25.00

For patients coming from other regions, Wound Care treatments are at the expense of the Local Health Unit within the available budget in accordance with Law No. 135/2012 and of art. 1 comma 574 of the Law No. 208/2015.