Foot Care

Services and podiatry treatments
Feet are one of the parts of our body that we tend to neglect the most. Encased in tight shoes that are too narrow and which are often to blame,they are ignored: for this reason we only take care for them when some problem makes itself felt. Yet - by the  end of our lives, we will have allowed our feet to walk over 100,000 km and as determinants of our posture; a large part of our well-being rests on them.

At the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre,  care and treatment of the feet are performed by podiatrists Giorgia Fabbrini and Adriano Camporesi, who are specialized in services for:

  • foot hygiene
  • prevention and treatment of diabetic, painful and arthritic foot ulcers
  • rehabilitation and partial or full nail reconstruction
  • treatment of warts and nail infections
  • treatment of corns and plantar hyperkeratosis


The podiatry service is available at clinics in the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre every Thursday, from 9.00 to 12.00. To book the podiatry service call +39 0544 500152 or send an email to

Treatment Prices
foot hygiene € 25.00
foot hygiene average € 30.00
foot hygiene extended € 40.00
foot hygiene complex € 50.00
ingrown nails € 60.00
verruca treatment € 20.00
nail plate rehabilitation for 1 nail € 75.00
nail plate rehabilitation for 2 nails € 130.00
small silicone orthoses € 25.00
average silicone orthoses € 35.00
large silicone orthoses € 45.00