The Wound Care Centre (CCFD) at the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre is a centre of excellence for the treatment of ulcers with impaired healing.  The patients treated by Wound Care Centre medical staff are mainly senior citizens (and mostly women) suffering from ulcers (wounds, sores) of various types and origins which share in common the fact  they do not heal easily.

The six main diseases treated by CCFD at the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre are:

  • diabetic foot
  • arterial ulcers
  • lymphatic or venous ulcers
  • rheumatic ulcers
  • traumatic ulcers
  • pressure ulcers.

The people at most risk of running into problems with ulcers are diabetics, and people with heart and artery disease.

Centro Cura Ferite Difficili - Centro Iperbarico Ravenna


Thanks to the efficiency of its staff and its facilities, the Ravenna Wound Care Centre is able to suggest the care courses most appropriate to the patient's specific problems, which allows  procedures to be simplified, a reduction in waiting times and improved therapeutic efficacy.

Therapies treatment are monitored by a group of hospital specialists coordinated by Dr. Davide Melandri, the Head of the Romagna Local Health Board Severe Burn Centre and of Forlì and Cesena Dermatology Departments.