Eating behavioral disorders

The course of treatment  for "eating behavioral disorders" followed at the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre begins with an assessment of "Vague and non-specific symptoms" (Medically Unexplained Symptoms - MUS).

Based on the results, it continues with an interview, to assess psychological aspects that can contribute to the situation of obesity and poor eating habits. With this data, specialists in nutrition sciences, hydrology, hyperbaric medicine, naturopathy and osteopathy evaluate and recommend a tailored care pathway to be followed to solve excess weight or other eating behavior disorders.

Where necessary, the doctor will also propose a "food chart" which evaluates the compatibility between foods and their individual genetic code, to assign a correct and personalized dietary plan.

Body composition analysis (functional preventive medicine)
Through qualitative and quantitative assessment of lean and fat body mass, the doctors at the Ravenna Hyperbaric Center can check whether mechanisms are in place to compensate the high-cost energy ­responsible for chronic fatigue and problems with "keeping going". The course offered by the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre detects the presence of the syndrome (by analyzing the constellation of signs and symptoms) through a a discussion, supported by a questionnaire.


Food chart for a customized diet
At the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre, dietetics means educatiion in dietary "measurement", based on checking the compatibility of foods against the client's genetic code. Following advice from the  Ravenna Hyperbaric Center, the client can continue to eat what they enjoy in the amounts they want to. Success, both in losing weight and in well-being, is achieved by studiously "measuring" the correct combinations of ingredients.  The Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre can draw up a food chart thanks to the possibility of correlating genetic variants with the appropriate food: diets devised in this way are customized for each patient.