Cosmetic and plastic surgery

Aesthetic and regenerative medicine, and plastic surgery
Acne marks, stretch marks and wrinkles are blemishes that can now be mitigated easily without having to undergo invasive treatments. At the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre, nurses and health experts carry out a three-dimensional analysis of the skin to identify the type and degree of imperfections, assess the smoothness level, and identify the most suitable type of intervention, including surgical or dermatological.

The  aesthetic medicine, regenerative and plastic surgery skin care pathway provides specific treatments for the face, neck, back, hands and body.

The Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre offers the following aesthetic and regenerative medicine treatments:

NEEDLING, Bio-mechanical remodeling

This is used to rejuvenate the face, soften acne scars and stretch marks. It restores facial skin tone and elasticity by acting on the collagen-producing cells, which are activated to produce new collagen and elastin in the dermis.

Bio Stimulation

This is a successful strategy in the global treatment of facial blemishes and the prevention of skin aging. Improves the elasticity, hydration and firmness of the skin by reducing wrinkle formation.

Hyaluronic acid fillers

Hyaluronic acid is responsible for the firmness and hydration of the skin, and plays an antioxidant role. The Hyperbaric Centre uses reabsorbable hyaluronic acid, which is mainly used as a plumping agent and wrinkle filler.

Chemical peeling

At the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre, peels are carried out using a modern technique, which increases the absorption of the acid by 100% and ensures minimal skin irritation, and a rapid skin regeneration). The result you get is a healthier skin.

Platelet-rich plasma, platelet gel

This is an innovative therapeutic technique which takes advantage of the natural and high regenerative capacity of factors released from blood platelets. In esthetic medicine, it is used for skin bio-revitalization and rejuvenation.


Botulinum toxin is used in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of imperfections due to aging, and is particularly effective for smoothing out wrinkles in the upper third of the face. The Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre only uses botulinum toxin to treat wrinkles on the frontal bones and between the superciliary arches.


Treatment that promotes fat reduction with tools that generate waves of expansion (negative pressure) and compression waves (positive pressure).  Cavitation improves the silhouette of the person receiving it by a few centimeters from the first application.

Lymph Drainage (Vodder technique)

Lymphatic drainage using the Dr. Vodder method involves a massage performed using light and alternating pressure and is useful to counter the lymphatic stasis responsible for cellulite, inflammations and weakening of the immune system’s defenses.


A series of injections to infiltrate in the middle layer of the skin (mesoderm) active, or homeopathic medicines, which are useful for stimulating the removal of fat cells (adiposity) and to improve the surface layer of the epidermis (remove wrinkles and other blemishes the skin).