Body energy - Energy Pathway

Electrical stimulation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and osteopathy to stimulate the sensory nerves of the skin are the three pillars of a pathway designed to recharge the body's energy,  so it can face up to daily and professional challenges with renewed vitality.

Modulation electric FREMS
The Ravenna Hyperbaric Center uses, successfully and safely, the Rhythmic Frequency Electrical Modulation System (in English: Frequency Rhythmic Electrical Modulation System - FREMS ™). This is a first  generation technology which, generates biocompatible electrical signals via a computer  (i.e. "tailored" for each customer).


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy HBOT for well being
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a therapy based on breathing pure oxygen under pressure in a special room (hyperbaric chamber). Hyperbaric oxygen induces the synthesis of antioxidant substances which control the level of free radicals, and reactivates blocked metabolic processes:  this has a visible effect on the quality of the skin, which appears brighter, smoother, more compact, with a more homogeneous color and fewer imperfections.


Osteopathy, physiotherapy and postural rehabilitation
Often at the root of severe pain, insomnia, stress, lymphatic problems or inadequate mobility can cause painful neck tension, in which tissues are stuck together or become hard (fibrotic) because of a poor diet, or on intense sporting  or daily activities that cause pain.  At the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre, we carry out a program of osteopathy, physiotherapy and postural rehabilitation sessions.