Thanks to its experience and multidisciplinary expertise, the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre has decided to integrate their offerings with a regenerative medicine service based on three care pathways, with treatments and services aimed at improving the well being and quality of life of men and women who want to be healthy, fit and full of energy.

aesthetics - wellness medicine hyperbaric centre of Rvenna nutrition - wellness medicine hyperbaric centre of Rvenna energy - wellness medicine hyperbaric centre of Rvenna

Courses  aimed at well-being are based on listening to the patient, and personalization of interventions.

Aesthetics, nutrition and energy are the key words of the three pathways characterizing the regenerative medicine practiced at the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre.

  • Regenerative aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery for the face, neck, back, hands and body
  • analysis of eating disorders, body composition analysis, and customized nutritional and dietary charts
  • electrical stimulation (Frems), osteopathy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy to give the body strength.


The Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre approach to the wellness medicine
Regenerative and wellbeing medicine practiced at the Hyperbaric Centre is based on the concept of "health" proposed by the World Health Organization. According to the WHO, we can talk about health whenever two different factors competing: the psycho-physical well being and the absence of disease. To be healthy it isn't enough just to have no illnesses, it is also important to feel good about yourself, to find an inner equilibrium, and to live in harmony with your age relative to its context in your professional and social life.


Multi-disciplinarity and professionalism

The Hyperbaric Centre of Ravenna applies an interdisciplinary approach to regenerative medicine that involves a specialized health care team in the management of medical and surgical emergencies.

For information and appointments:
Centro iperbarico Ravenna, via Augusto Torre 3, 48124 Ravenna; phone: +39 0544 500152; email: scrivici@iperbaricoravenna.it.