To be at the forefront in the medical field, it is necessary to work continuously in research to make day-to-day improvements in techniques, care pathways and above all to open up to new frontiers.
Ravenna's Hyperbaric Centre is engaged in several research projects, in collaboration with major institutes and universities: different programs that are active or will be activated shortly and will be carried on for the next few years.

Partnership with Institutes and Universities

Partnership with the Department of Surgery of Sant'Orsola in Bologna to study a machine for the preservation of organs to be transplanted

Three are in collaboration with the Institute of Research and Tumor Research (IRST).

  1. "Lon and HBO exposition in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells
  2. "Accelerated hypofractionated intensity - modulated radiotherapy after hyperbaric oxygenation for recurrent high grade glioma: a pilot study"
  3. "Preclinical assessment of radiosensitizing role of hyperbaric medicine on human glioblastoma cell cultures"

Two projects are underway with the University of Bologna (UNIBO).

  1. "Contribution of integrins expressed on immune cells in fibromyalgia. Study of biomolecular mechanisms and development of new therapeutic approaches "
  2. "Oxygenation in pre-transplantation of the marginal kidney: an experimental study on a preclinical model of stable heart donors (DCD)"

Collaboration with the University of Pisa. IFC-CNR Pisa, Department of Bioengineering, we are working on "Treatment of chronic venous ulcer with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Randomized study of comparison between two sequences and use of 2d infrared spectroscopy imaging (NIRS) for tissue vascularization monitoring "

Collaboration with the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Specialist Surgery of University of Ferrara  for genetic analysis

Collaboration in the association Fi.Mar.Onlus

Collaboration in the CFU-Italy association

Institutes and Associations that carry out educational training periods at Ravenna Hyperbaric Center

The Hyperbaric Centre is the reference center for underwater training of the National Fire Diver Corps Body
University Sapienza Rome, Post-graduate degree in Wound Care
University of Ravenna, Post-graduate degree in Nursing
University Sapienza Rome, Post-graduate degree in Wound Care
High School Sant'Anna di Pisa, 2nd level Post-graduate degree of Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine
University of Modena, Post-graduate degree in Wound Care
University of Pavia, Post-graduate degreer in Wound Care
Corep Turin, Post-graduate degree in Wound Care