Post traumatic neurological rehabilitation

Physiotherapy treatment

What needs to be put first in medical practice is the welfare of the patient; and among all the possible ways to make him better the one that is the least troublesome should be chosen.

Hippocrates (Physician, the "father" of medicine, 460-377 BC)

Physiotherapy is one of the less invasive medical treatments for patients who need to recover motor function for whatever reason. It is based on physical exercise aimed at recovering lost skills: walking, movements of the joints, muscle tone, etc. In this type of therapy it is very important to have a collaborative agreement between the patient and the physical therapist who accompanies him through the journey of recovery: a recovery which is not only physical but also psychological, emotional and social. For this reason, at the Hyperbaric Centre every person is followed by the same physical therapist throughout the course of recovery.

Who does this address?

Patients with orthopaedic problems: osteonecrosis, problems of recovery after fractures or delays in consolidation. Patients with neurological problems: head trauma, spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Parkinson's or embolisms, and children suffering from cerebral palsy or hemiparesis.

The protocol for the treatment of patients with neurological problems provides a first cycle of 20 sessions of physiotherapy in combination with hyperbaric oxygen therapy followed by cycles of 10 sessions 3 months apart for one year (minimum span of time to see improvements in patients with neurological problems). Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has the aim to oxygenate the tissues and relax the muscle tone in preparation for the treatment and, depending on the objectives of physiotherapy, treatment can take place be practised immediately after the oxygen session, or within the same hyperbaric chamber. The results that can be achieved, depending on the patient's situation, are: improvements in muscle hypertonia, movement, strength, level of fatigue, greater autonomy, and improvements in attention, initiative and sociability.

Patients with orthopaedic problems can follow a path that includes the physiotherapy treatment associated to hyperbaric chamber: the physiotherapy can be performed during the hyperbaric chamber or outside (afeter). The most appropriate course of treatment is always determined after an initial assessment of the patient's condition with his or her doctor and physiotherapist.

Costs and Booking

Trattamento Costo of a physiotherapy session Cost of a hyperbaric chamber session
An hour of physiotherapy (after hyperbaric chamber) € 45 € 95
An hour of physical therapy in a hyperbaric chamber € 50 € 95

It is possible to book the first medical visit for the physiotherapy path by calling the Secretary of the Hyperbaric Centre at 0544 500152 or by writing to the email address