Fitness for diving

The sub-aquatic physiopathology centre at the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre is in charge of checking that the requirements needed to perform underwater activities are present, for  assessing suitability for immersion, and for carrying out screening as a preventive measure, as well as detecting data regarding damage cause by diving activities.

At the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre, in particular, appointments are made by:

  • technical diving operators (OTS)
  • professional scuba divers
  • technical operators for surface engineers who work in the yards connected to the diving industry, who manage the ROV support for hyperbaric therapy
  • fitness for competitive sports activities (certification valid for inclusion in the regional registers as a diving guide or instructor)
  • non-competitive sporting activities.


Medical tests carried out at the  water activities pathophysiology centre to check that the conditions for eligibility for diving activities are present include: electrocardiography, spirometry, audiometry, initial ENT evaluation and urinalysis.

In addition, collaborations have been introduced to facilitate the diagnostic and therapeutic pathways, via simplified procedures, reducing time and costs, and guaranteeing continuity in information exchanged between the various specialists. Amongst these, for example:

  • the otorhinolaryngology (ORL) pathway, in collaboration with the ENT department of Forli hospital, where an ENT outpatient hyperbaric response team has been set up, with responsibilities for  diagnosing and treating the conditions that complicate work in extreme environments (sea, air).