How to treat a hard-to-heal wound

Dear Doctors,

In 2004 I got involved in a road traffic accident where I suffered from the right heel degloving injury. I underwent many surgeries, among which vascular grafting.

Nine months ago, an ulcer developed on my right foot malleolus and today it hasn’t healed yet. I’m currently being treated by a medical staff of plastic surgeons. They tell me that treating this injury is extremely complicated as it is on the skin graft.

I kindly ask you if there are alternative treatments to resolve wound healing.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Klarida Hoxha on

    Dear Lucio,
    Thank you for contacting us. I’m really sorry for the situation you have been dealing with for such a long time.

    Actually, the ulcer onset where you have already undergone several surgeries is not an easy situation and delay in healing is strictly linked to the fact that the tissue of the previous graft is involved. There are various ways to operate, but before it is necessary to undergo an evaluation visit to understand why there is such a delay in healing.

    Besides appropriate dressings, there are also several additional treatments that can be useful and that we successfully perform at our Centre. These include:

    – Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: it is a non-invasive therapy and it is based on 100% pure hyperbaric oxygen breathing inside a hyperbaric chamber. Pressure allows oxygen diffusion in blood with a concentration ten times higher than normal. This allows the new blood vessels formation and stem cells get involved. By reactivating blocked metabolic processes, HBOT leads to recovery or healing.
    – KLOX: it is a therapy that employs light (here you find more information:
    – TPN (Negative Pressure Therapy): it is a therapy that fastens healing times.

    In order to understand what are the best options for your specific case, it is necessary to undergo a specialist examination and define which pathway is more useful for your situation.

    We remain at your disposal for any further need.
    Best regards,

    Klarida Hoxha
    Head Nurse of the Wound Care Centre of the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre


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