What are lymphatic or venous ulcers and how to prevent them?

Every day a lot of patients attend the Wound Care Centre of the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre to be treated. Among the various diseases, here at our Centre we also treat lymphatic or venous ulcers that are ulcers due to a bad venous circulation, which begins with swelling, tingling and heaviness in the legs.

lymphatic or venous ulcers

The first symptoms of the formation of wounds are a clear liquid leak from the legs and the spontaneous skin breaking. Those who suffer from ulcers often have to deal with wounds that tend to recur and which cause a considerable psychological and physical annoyance in patients.

We asked our Dr Claudia Rastelli to tell us how it is possible to prevent the formation of this kind of ulcers and how they are treated at the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre.

How is it possible to prevent the lymphatic or venous ulcers formation?

First of all, it is necessary to undergo Doppler monitoring to monitor and diagnose venous insufficiency. Moreover, compression therapy is extremely important: the patient needs to wear a controlled pressure elastic knee sock during the day and take it off before going to sleep.

A great exercise for legs is to walk continuously 30 minutes a day and to rest with limbs that offload weight (raised from the floor).

Nourishing the skin is extremely important, as it often appears dry and thin, in order to improve its elasticity. In patients affected by venous insufficiency drugs that improve the vein status can be extremely useful. They must be taken especially during the summer, but always under medical supervision.

Are there any issues to adopt in daily life?

Weight control is certainly essential. Indeed, a large build weighs on legs and reduces the venous return (the blood flow that flows back from feet to heart), thus favouring swelling and lower limbs oedema.

Therefore, we recommend our patients to maintain their target weight thanks to a correct diet and a regular physical activity. As I have already said, it is essential, where prescribed, to wear elastic socks, also during summer.

What to do if symptoms are already present?

It is advisable to walk, wear elastic socks and speak to the doctor, who will prescribe the most adequate treatment to the patient’s situation. Were there any wounds, I would recommend not to underestimate the problem for long and to always apply to experts.

Thank you to our Dr Claudia Rastelli for her availability. For further needs and for more information on the treatments to be performed at the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre, please do not hesitate to contact our secretariat at the + 39 0544 500152 or write an email to scrivici@iperbaricoravenna.it

After a preliminary visit, our staff of specialist nurses will identify the most appropriate pathway for you and will perform advanced medications and compression bandages.

We take this opportunity to wish you a happy summer. We remind you that our Centre is always open, also during August, Monday to Friday from 07:30 am to 06:30 pm and on Saturday from 08:00 am to 12:30 pm.

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