Spondylodiscitis pain: Luigia asks for a consultation

Good morning,

I was treated for nearly one year for a spondylodiscitis D7, D8, D9 with an abscess.
After the last MRI in November, the Doctor who treated me told me that I was healed.

Unfortunately, I can’t rebuild a normal life. Although paying a lot of attention, I have strong pain in the area involved.

I kindly ask you for a consultation.

Thank you

One comment on “Spondylodiscitis pain: Luigia asks for a consultation

  1. Claudia Rastelli on

    Good morning Luigia,
    I’m really sorry for the difficult pathway you experienced.

    Anyway, the positive opinion of a consultant after an MRI should comfort you.
    I would recommend you to undergo a physiatrist visit. You can make it at our Centre as well. This will allow you to define an adequate motor rehabilitation programme that will favour both the complete functional and daily routine recovery. Moreover, I would recommend you to undergo both hematologic tests to keep the phlogosis indices monitored and to continue to make visits to the consultant who treated you.

    For further needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at the +39 0544 500152.

    Best regards,
    Dr Claudia Rastelli
    Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Ferrara
    Subscribed to the Medical Council of Rimini, Number 2074


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