Pressure ulcers: how to treat them

Good morning,

My father underwent an ostomy surgery, which forced him to stay in bed for 30 days. Now he’s at home, with two painful ankle and heel bedsores. He is treated by the doctors and nurses of the clinic where he got the surgery, but we can’t see any result.

I would like to have some advice about the situation and I would like to carry him to the Hyperbaric Centre. My father is not diabetic.

Thank you.

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  1. Alice Casadei on

    Dear Adele,
    I’m really sorry for what occurred.

    Pressure ulcers develop when forces such as pressure, friction, humidity etc. act on the skin thus causing a lower oxygen and blood supply to the tissues, which therefore deteriorate.

    In order to favour the healing, it is necessary to suspend the harmful effect that these forces have on the tissues: is your father bedridden or is he able to move?
    If he is bedridden it is necessary to get the specific anti-decubitus mattress. There are also useful tools such as a lift blanket small arches; these devices help us reduce the wound pressure effect thus improving the skin condition.

    Besides this, a bedridden patient must be helped with the posture for at least 3 hours to improve the blood flow.

    It’s a good practice to add a discharge or negative eccentric; that is a pad placed in areas where the pressure is higher.

    If your father is able to move it is advisable to employ specific shoes that serve as the tools that I have already mentioned, thus alleviating forces such as friction and pressure that might delay healing.

    Eventually, it is really important to evaluate your father’s nutritional status. Indeed, for these wounds, a diet enriched with proteins that facilitate wound healing is indicated.
    Having said that, we are more than happy to visit you; you can book a visit anytime by calling our Secretariat, number +39 0544 500152.

    I hope I have been useful.
    Thank you again,
    Alice Casadei
    Nurse of the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre


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