Malleolar ulcer with difficulty of cicatrisation

Good morning,

We have been struggling for nearly one year with a malleolar ulcer that finds it hard to heal. It had almost healed, but now we are back to the point of beginning.

My mother is not affected by diabetes and it’s not a vascular ulcer, according to both vascular surgeons and dermatologists. The Dermopathic Institute of the Immaculate Conception of Rome recommended us a graft of dermal matrix.

Waiting for your news.

Thank you.

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  1. Alice Casadei on

    Dear Grazia,
    Thank you for sending us your question.

    You did a good choice in undergoing the visits you talked about in your request. Indeed, understanding the wound cause is fundamental to decide the therapeutic pathway: different wounds have different treatments.

    Fortunately, as what I can understand from your explanation, vascular visits excluded an arterial circulation problem. However, if you haven’t already done it, I would recommend you to undergo a venous and arterial Doppler echocardiography. Indeed, although arterial circulation seems to be good, there can always be the risk of having venous insufficiency that, in this case, may lead to a delay in wound healing.

    Besides this, other factors can also interfere with the healing; therefore it is necessary to evaluate your mother’s general state of health, as well as the drugs she takes and her nutritional state.

    Once all the checks have been done and the wound is in suitable conditions, the graft can be a good instrument to improve the wound’s condition. At our centre, we often combine this kind of treatment with a cycle of hyperbaric therapy which aims at fostering the success of the graft and reducing the possibility of it to be infected.
    I hope I have been useful.

    In case of doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us at the:
    Thank you,
    Alice Casadei
    Nurse of the Ravenna Wound Care Centre


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