Giulia asks for a consultation for a noise in the ears

Good morning,

I’ve been hearing a noise since November 15, similar to the old TVs ones, when there was no signal.

I underwent an audiometric testing that showed that I hear less from my right ear than from my left one.

I also underwent a Doppler echocardiography that didn’t detect any anomalies.

I will soon undergo a head resonance.

My doctor prescribed me a cortisone therapy and a vertigo medicine. I am also taking some food supplements but I can’t see any improvement.

As this noise is extremely annoying at night, I would like to know if I can have an additional investigation at your centre.

Thank you for your attention,


One comment on “Giulia asks for a consultation for a noise in the ears

  1. Andrea Galvani on

    Good morning Giulia,
    Thank you for writing us.

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be useful when it comes to sudden sensorineural hearing loss with or without tinnitus (that you perfectly describe as the TV sound when there is no signal) after diagnosis and medical treatment (ENT) that you are undergoing: if you don’t improve, you can think about HBOT (15 sessions, 1 session each day per 90 minutes).

    The important thing is to start this therapy within 30 days after the sensorineural hearing loss has been diagnosed.

    We remain at your disposal for every necessary clarification. In case of need, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the following number: +39 0544-500152,

    Good luck!
    Andrea Galvani
    Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna. Order of Physicians of Rimini n. 02337


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