Nicola asks for some professional advice to his mother, affected by ulcer

Good morning,

I would like to know if there are some remedies for a leg ulcer that has been affecting my mother for nearly 5 months and doesn’t seem to heal.



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  1. Sofia Fioravanti on

    Dear Nicola,
    Thank you for writing us.
    I’m so sorry for your mother. I can imagine how painful the situation can be. This is the reason why I will try to be as exhaustive as possible, although the information provided is not much.
    First, it’s necessary to understand the wound’s cause. This is why I would recommend you, if you haven’t already done it, to undergo an arterial and venous Doppler echocardiography of the lower limbs.

    Once done it, you can contact our team of experts that might evaluate the reasons why the wound doesn’t heal.
    At our centre, for example, you undergo the first visit with a doctor and nurses where you evaluate:
    • Patient’s general health conditions (presence of diabetes, high pressure, rheumatic diseases and possible drugs use that can delay healing, such as anticoagulants or cortisone)
    • Wound conditions, such as the presence of fibrin or biofilm, his PH, the edges conditions, the granulation degree
    • Circulation conditions through ABI (that is ankle-brachial index, the ratio of ankle systolic pressure to the arm systolic pressure that indicates how much blood reaches the leg compared to the blood that reaches the heart) and through oximetry, that indicates how much oxygen reaches the wound.
    • Pain presence, since the body tends to concentrate its energies on it and not on healing the wound.

    All these factors allow us to understand which problems prevent your mother’s wound from healing and therefore to solve them.

    At this stage, the most suitable pathway is decided. It includes the most suitable treatment and dressings, but also potentially hyperbaric therapy or alternative treatment such as negative pressure therapy that exploits empty space to help wounds to heal, or photobiomodulation, which employs led light.

    All the Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre’s team would be happy to help you. You can call +39 0544 500152, or send an email to and explain your problem.

    I hope I have been useful.
    Best regards,
    Sofia Fioravanti
    Nurse of the Ravenna Wound Care Centre


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