Antonella asks for some advice about her knee pain

Good morning,
Last year I started suffering from left knee pain. However, nothing relevant resulted from the X-Ray exam.

Just in June, as the pain continued and worsened, a MRI detected a thin osteonecrotic area of nearly 1.5 centimetres in the central part of the loading surface of the inner femoral condyle, with mild depression of the cortical bone profile combined with diffused and intense bone marrow oedema in the femoral condyle.
The orthopaedic suggested me to try a conservative therapy with cortisone and hyaluronic acid infiltration in addition to reduced movements, better if in water. After an apparent improvement, pain appeared again in the second half of September and a second MRI showed a worsening situation: “wide osteonecrotic area
of nearly 2 centimetres of the inner femoral condyle, characterized by osteochondral erosion crater and bone marrow oedema in the femoral condyle contiguous parts”.

At that point, he suggested me to undergo total knee prosthesis.
What do you think about it?
Thank you,

One comment on “Antonella asks for some advice about her knee pain

  1. Claudia Rastelli on

    Dear Ms Antonella,
    I am so sorry for your disease evolution.
    I would recommend you to evaluate HBOT before undergoing an invasive operation. To better understand your clinical picture, it would be necessary to view the images of the last NMR and to study the degree of joint impairment according to the Steinberg Classification. Indeed, if the disease jeopardized the bone profile and bone collapses occurred, the hyperbaric chamber wouldn’t be indicated.

    Therefore, I advise you not to put weight on the joint to avoid a further worsening of the lesion picture and to begin magnetotherapy.
    For any question or to book a specialist visit, do not hesitate to contact us at the +39 0544 500152

    Best regards,
    Dr Claudia Rastelli
    Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Ferrara. Order of Physicians of Rimini n. 2074


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