Sole malformation: how to heal?

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My brother has been affected by a right foot sole malformation for over a month with continuous pus discharge. Now the foot is also swollen.

He underwent a surgical visit and the head physician opted for a blood sample that was sent for biopsy.

He was visited by another surgeon, who immediately put a silver and carbon gauze and disinfectant on the sole after cleaning it with euchlorine. After 24 hours, the gauze filled with pus and it was removed pending another one to be put.

I’m waiting to receive the skin swab result.

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  1. Klarida Hoxha on

    Dear Tonino,
    I’m really sorry for your brother.
    The information provided is really limited and we don’t know anything about his health conditions such as age, the presence of diabetes or not, how the sole lesion appeared and how the malformation occurred etc.

    At the moment local treatment is not important, but it would be better to have a suitable therapeutic overview that I suppose the doctors who are treating him are already taking.
    Were he diabetic (we don’t know about it) and if the sole deformation had recently happened, it may be a Charcot’s episode that leads to a foot bones collapse and fracture and causes a deformation. If the deformation occurred slowly over time and if the lesion has been present for just a month, it might be of neuropathic origin and it’s probable that a callus formation caused the sole lesion opening.

    Anyway, the bioptic sample might help understand if a deep tissues infection occurred to determine the targeted antibiotic therapy. In these cases, it might be useful to combine it also with HBOT that enhances the antibiotic effects and has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.
    The most important thing is the use of appropriate unloading shoes; however, without information, it is difficult to provide you with useful answers.

    For more information, you can call +39 0544 500152, or send an email to

    Best regards,
    Klarida Hoxha
    Head Nurse of the Wound Care Centre of the Hyperbaric Centre of Ravenna


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