New lucky stretchers at the Hyperbaric Centre: the Sabatino’s family gift

Sabatino was the father of Ruggero, Anastasia and Maria Pia, a strong man who lived his life surrounded by the love of his family.

A few years ago, unfortunately, he started suffering from Alzheimer, a disease that makes you gradually age and carries away one of the most important things for all of us: memory.

Sabatino didn’t give up. He decided to develop a multidisciplinary pathway that included also some cycles of HBOT; the first time in 2015, where he had 20 sessions of HBOT and then two recall cycles of 10 sessions each. The last ended in October 2016.

At the beginning of the year Sabatino passed away and his loved ones felt a great sense of loss without the backbone of their life.

During the funeral they thought about doing a good deed for the future to have an indelible memory of their beloved. They collected donations with whom they decided to buy some stretchers to give to the Hyperbaric Centre.

We are from Ravenna so the Hyperbaric Centre has always been a widely known reality for us although we didn’t know exactly the treatment performed at the Centre and the diseases to be treated.

Anastasia (Sabatino’s daughter) and Ruggero’s wife (Sabatino’s sister-in-law) were treated for two different diseases and the results were great. Anastasia could avoid the surgery suggested to them due to her osteonecrosis and came back to work.

After these experiences also our dad decided to try the hyperbaric chamber when he started suffering from Alzheimer.

He also followed a multidisciplinary pathway that included several cycles of HBOT and other treatments such as FREMS therapy, massages etc.

There are two special memories that come to our mind when we think about our period here. Every time our dad entered the hyperbaric chamber, he looked hopefully at Stefano Matteucci, one of our technicians, to find some comfort and safety. Stefano immediately answered with a smile, comforted him and helped him to enter the hyperbaric chamber. Our dad immediately felt better and each fear disappeared.

Another moment we remember are the visits: Dr. Longobardi was always careful, thoughtful and attentive when he visited him; he used to compare the exams and always had a word of encouragement to help and support him.

We decided to do a deed because our father’s treatment pathway was a path of joy that brought great results and the treatments were really efficient: we hope that those who will use these stretchers could have a successful pathway as our dad and a ton of other great experiences as our family did.

We really hope these will be “lucky stretchers”, because we know that those who start a treatment pathway are full of hope and when hope turns to positive certainty, it is one of the most beautiful and happiest moments to live.

Every time our dad went out from the centre and was asked how he felt, he answered me: “I had a unique visit this time”. This is a special thanks for all visits, attention, treatments and the great and huge sweetness our Centre welcomed us with.

A special thanks goes to Sabatino’s family and in particular to his sons Anastasia, Ruggero, Maria Pia and their mom Elsa for this deed. We are sure that these “lucky stretchers” will give something more to the patients and will help them in a special way during their healing process.

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