Computer subacqueo probabilistico: cercasi partner

L’amico Egi Murat (Turchia) cerca partner per un progetto di sviluppo di un innovativo computer subacqueo che, ideato specialmente per l’attività industriale, elabori la decompressione sulla base dei fattori di rischio prevalenti. Di seguito l’introduzione al progetto, il resto del materiale è confidenziale e potrà essere richiesto direttamente all’ing. Egi Murat. Il sito del progetto presentato nella piattaforma EUREKA è  consultabile  qui.

Commercial diving is supporting the extraction of the offshore oil and gas resources. This industry is essential for Europe. Since 30 years, Europe has developed advanced standards and regulations in the North Sea and thus reached a leading position in commercial diving. However, the environment is harsh and the divers’ risk exposure has remained a concern (decompression risk, thermal risk, long term health effects, etc.). The project aims at providing leading indicators of these risks during actual commercial diving operations. To comply with the existing site organisation, the project will develop:
• A surface based computer, interfaced in the dive control to the Diving Supervisor, respecting the traditional chain of command,
• Means of accessing the critical data with minimal interference with the current equipment or existing monitoring system (external monitoring, use of available electrical cables),
• Technologies with high reliability (redundancy, voting logic, etc.).
•  Interface ergonomics (touch screen, voice command) to help the Diving Supervisor quickly assessing the situation.
• User Interface based on operational/intuitive use to minimise the training time and increase personnel acceptance.

To provide leading indications on the divers’ safety, the project will develop:
• Develop probabilistic algorithms modelling the various physiological stresses (decompression, heat and cold, oxygen toxicity, etc.),
• Link each model predictions to a risk function,
• Calibrate this risk function with published databases or data available in the scientific literature,
• Adapt the expertise to standard operations as well as degraded situations such as hyperbaric evacuation.
• Display a general trend allowing the Diving Supervisor to react in advance of any problem.

To increase the significance of these leading indicators, the system will:
• Collect the divers’ exposure profiles into a database,
• Collect the incidents recorded during these dive exposures,
• Automatically work out an improved risk function from the actual operations, thus self adjusting to the experience of the Company.
• Have the possibility to take over the standard Company procedure in case of degraded or emergency situations.

Finally, the project will
• Propose at least two versions of the system to adapt to the various site configurations (surface supplied and bell diving),
• Provide the possibility to integrate the specific procedures of the Company diving manuals into the system. Implement standard technologies to keep the selling price of the system minimum (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, PC base).

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